Company Introduction

Korea's Leading Motor Component
Supplier Tapping the Global Market

GEM specializes in elements such as stators and rotors for high velocity motors. The company has prided itself on providing its clients with products known for their high speed, high efficiency and high power-density.
GEM stators and rotors have been developed through its own research and development institute. Currently, a wide array of products is on offer, ranging in capacity from 1kW to 400kW and in rotation speed from 10,000 to 100,000rpm. They have various applications such as high-frequency spindles and turbo blowers, turbo compressor and EV.
As the pioneer in this field in Korea, the firm exerted its efforts toward localizing motor components that have traditionally been procured from foreign makers. The firm possesses many experts with experience working on high-profile, high-speed motor electronics and machinery fields. As a result, it can provide high-speed, highly efficient, high-capacity rotary systems which are exquisitely tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.
Being the sole supplier of high-speed motor elements,GEM succeeded in mass-producing elements with high-frequency spindles in 2010. Its innovative product-developing and consulting services are reputed to more than exceed customer expectations.
With international patents for its products, GEM engages in producing highly effcient, large-sized products for electric vehicles as well as ultra-compact ones (with a rotational speed of 100,000rpm). At the moment, it has 30 kinds of products for mass production.

Capable of Meeting Any Kinds of Customer Orders.
Since the firm can provide a full range of production consulting from design phase to final product's application, it can satisfy customers' changing requirements and offer fast and optimum solutions for any difficult problems encountered by customers.

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